CLP Legislation

All our candles are fully CLP Regulation (for “Classification of Labelling and Packaging”) compliant. CLP Is a European Union Regulation from 2008 which aligns the European Union system of classification, labelling and packaging of chemical substances and mixtures to the Globally Harmonised System (GHS). CLP fully came into force on Monday 1st June 2015.

This regulation is commonly referred to as CLP Regulation (Classification, Labelling and Packaging), which are the labels that you will find on all our Home Fragrance products. These labels carry the necessary pictograms and relevant hazard information relevant to that product, along with the full contact details of the manufacturer. This Legislation is there to protect the customer and we fully welcome and support it.

We can confirm that we do not use Lilal in our products; all fragrance oil has been reformulated to remove this.

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